Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hives, Heels, and Happiness

What a weekend!

Yesterday was spent taking care of my sweet Miss Agnes. Most of her hives have gone but she still has a couple of scary looking ones on her cheek. Hopefully, those will go down soon.

Today was very special as we watched Cole become a Bar Mitzvah. Cole is the son of one of my very good friends. She has been planning this celebration for over a year! It was one of the most moving ceremonies I have ever seen. It was absolutely beautiful when Ben (Cole’s dad) spoke of arriving at Temple with his child and he would be leaving with a man. There was not a dry eye in the chapel. Even the Rabbi was crying. There is something very special watching a father tell his child how much he loves him and how proud he is.

After the ceremony there was a small Kiddush lunch, which was amazing. I completely behaved myself! I had a few bits of spinach salad, part of a Challah roll, hummus, and a couple bites of carrot cake. I can’t say no to carrot cake it isn’t humanly possible. We were supposed to go to a cocktail/dinner party tonight to finish the celebration but my back was killing me after this morning. I wore high-heeled boots and did a lot of standing. Not so smart after back surgery.So, instead of going to the party I threw together a pretty tasty turkey chili.

It was wonderful seeing my friends today. I was so HAPPY to see them. A couple of my friends whom I haven’t seen in a few years were amazed at my weight loss. It took me by surprise. I see myself as the big, fat girl in the room. I am a big girl. But perhaps I am not as fat as I still think I am. My clothes aren’t as tight as they were last month so I know I must be getting smaller but I don’t see it. I wonder if I should take my measurements every month. Would that be helpful or hurtful? Hmmm, something to ponder.

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