Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Scent of Rose

Today was very unremarkable. Same old routine. Get up, eat brekkie with Agnes, go to the gym, go the store, and come home. Wow, what an exciting life I lead. Jealous?

There was a bit of change. We went to Whole Foods today for rose water. I hadn't been there in a while and now I remember why. I LOVE THAT STORE! I wish I could afford to buy our groceries there. The produce is perfect, the seafood is perfect, the meat is perfect, everything is perfect. It is so not fair the rich get eat better than the rest of us.

Okay, I have stepped off my soap box.

You might be thinking "Why is Michelle buying rose water?". The rose water is for the glaze I made for a batch of scones. I thought a nice way for Sean to start his Valentine's Day would be fresh baked scones. They turned out brilliantly. I cut them into heart shapes and filled them with blueberry preserves and blackberry jam before baking. While they were cooling I spread a glaze of powdered sugar, whipping cream, and rose water on top. Gee, I wonder why I can't lose weight! hahaha When the glaze hit the hot scones my entire house started smell like roses. It is gorgeous and perfect for V-Day. The blackberry jam isn't the best to bake with. I would definitely only use preserves from now on.

Here are a few pictures of them. I thought they turned out really cute.

I did weigh myself today. There are a few pounds off. YAY! But I know my weight fluctuates a few pounds everyday. I only consider 7 lbs or more actual weight loss. I have consciously been eating less the past couple of days because I know tomorrow night is going to be a gorge fest. Plus, I think I deserve to have fresh baked scones for breakfast too.

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Jody said...

Mmmmmm...yummy! Looks good.
So funny you say that about W.F. - I looked at a condo today that is in walking distance of it and I thought this to be one of the key benefits of the place...isn't it great to be a foodie??!!!??
I ate dinner there the other night by myself...was fun to sit and watch all the crunchy people.
Had a beautiful veggie panini with some Israeli Couscous with cranberries...mmmmmmmmm...if i could post that drooling emoticon I would.
Keep up the good work!