Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Ramblings

Today has been a yummy food day. Miss Agnes and I went to Whole Foods today after I took her to a photo shoot for her “I’m 2” pictures. I can’t believe she is almost 2. Where has the time gone? I digress…we went to Whole Foods to get some raw almonds and bananas. Think I walked out with just almonds and bananas? Uh, no. I needed a Sammie too. Whole Foods has the best chicken salad ever. Stack it on ciabatta bread with some lettuce and it is the perfect lunch. See what happens when I go to that stupid store!

For dinner tonight we are having our Friday tradition; breakfast for dinner. Sometimes we even wear our pajamas. Sean and I thought it would be fun to start our own tradition with Agnes. Something we can do as a family that isn’t expensive, take a lot of work, and is really fun. What do you do for a fun family tradition?

Does anyone else watch the Oscars? I am so excited for Sunday! I have loved watching them since I was kid. I really miss the dance numbers. Hahahaha

I usually make something special for snacks and dinner. I have looked at’s Oscar party ideas and they have some good ones but I am not sure I want to go that gourmet. The recipe for the Guinness pudding ( would be amazing. But since I am trying to get skinny that is out of the question. Perhaps if I am a good girl until Saint Patrick’s Day I can make it.

Maybe I could do something along the lines of concession food. Grilled chicken nachos on baked tortilla chips, kosher hot dogs Chicago style, and frozen yogurt with gummi bears. It sounds bad for you but I think it could be made low fat and low cal.

Mmm, gummi bears! This will definitely be the desert for Oscar night.

"Wanna gummy bear? They've been in my pocket for a while, so they're nice and warm..."

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