Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Feeling Fiesty!

Am I the only one who misses trans fat? Isn’t that a horrible question? Fat girls shouldn’t miss trans fat. We should be rejoicing the fact that it is being phased out of food!

Even though I try to buy, cook, and eat organic there are times when I just want to be bad. And, I want my bad to taste good. Potato chips don’t taste the same, Girl Scout cookies don’t taste the same, Wendy’s has gotten so bad I won’t eat there anymore. It isn’t that I eat these items often but when I do I want it to be good since it is a treat.

Wendy’s was my treat of treats. The last time I ate there everything tasted like fish. Oh, and this is before the restaurant even served fish! GROSS!! The bun was grey and soggy. It was just a nasty treat. I called the restaurant to tell them and I was informed it was because they no longer cooked with trans fat. I haven’t eaten there since and I won’t. We bought a bag of Lay’s potato chips, which are now made with Sunflower oil. They tasted fine but were completely stale and funky a few days later.

I understand the government is trying to make all of our lives better by restricting trans fats but it sucks that some foods will not taste the same. Maybe this is how I will lose weight since I don’t want to eat any of my good behavior treats anymore. I don’t want to get into a political debate but is it truly the place of our government to tell us what we can and cannot eat?

Maybe I do want to have a debate. Here is another topic that really made me made last night.

Last night on the ABC news program Nightline there was a story about a school district in Pennsylvania that weighs every elementary school child. If the child is overweight a “report card” is sent home to the parents. This seems really mean to me. There was one little boy in Kindergarten who when told he weighed in more than his classmates he sat down, started hitting himself in the head, and calling himself stupid. He is in KINDERGARTEN! Does he really need a blow to self-esteem? The school nurse talked about some of the bigger girls would try to hang a foot of the scale when they were weighed in front of the other students. I haven’t always been fat. In fact in high school I weighed 118. That is very skinny considering I am 5’10”. But in elementary school I was a big kid. I would have wanted to die instead of being weighed in front of my classmates. Is this the schools responsibility? Shouldn’t this be a matter between parents and doctors?

Is a thin child really worth destroying a child’s self-esteem? Maybe schools need to look into healthier school lunches, more gym classes, and some nutrition classes. I think all of our children would be much better off with this plan instead of embarrassing them into the world of skinny.

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