Friday, February 9, 2007

It is my time to shine

Hi. My name is Michelle and I'm fat. I have tried for years to lose weight. Any crazy diet that came along I tried. Some worked. Some didn't. I gained a ton of weight when I was pregnant. Almost twice as much as you are suppose to but I refuse to use this as an excuse for my weight. I should have lost the baby weight already. There is no excuse for being as fat as I am.

In April of 2005 I gave birth to my daughter Agnes. She is my inspiration to lose weight. Who wants to be the fat mom? NOT ME! I don't want her to be embarrassed of me. I want to be able to keep up with and maybe coach her soccer team when she is old enough to play. I want to be able to ride rides with her at amusement parks and not worry that my fat ass won't fit in the seat.

My husband and I travel a lot. We tend to go to tropical locations. It has never bothered me being the fattest girl on the beach because I would never see those people again. Well, it bothers me now. It bothers me so much. Now instead of being excited for vacations I worry about people making fun of me or not wanting to sit next to me on a plane. Or even worse being made to buy a second seat because of my fat butt. I KNOW I am not that large but if you have ever been overweight you know exactly what I am talking about.

In April 2006 I joined the YMCA. I have been going almost every single day since and dropped 30 lbs. There have been a couple setbacks. I had a tear in my achilles this past Fall so I missed a few weeks. I have been dealing with a bad back for over a year too. In September my doctor gave me the medication Lyrica to help with my back pain. It didn't help with the back pain but I gained every one of those 30 pounds back! After the cast was taken off my foot I have started back at the gym everyday. I have dropped 16 of the 30 pounds. Not too bad. Yesterday, Feb. 8 I had back surgery. I am suppose to take it easy for the next fews day but should be back at the gym next week. I can't do heavy cardio but any kind of activity is good. With my back finally in shape and not taking anymore pain meds I am really hoping the weight starts melting off.

I am also considering asking my doctor if I can come in for monthly weigh-ins. If I have to weigh myself in front of him I might be more likely to stick to a diet. I am not worried about not going to the gym. I am completely addicted to it. Where I fail is food. I eat to much. I eat foods that are good for me and I eat foods that are bad for me. I am a foodie but that is a whole other blog!

This blog will be the combo of a food diary, a place to vent, and a place to keep a tally of what I gain and LOSE! However, I won't be telling how much I weigh until I am down to my goal weight. I would love to be 118 like I was in high school but that is just never going to happen. To be more realistic according to a healthy weight would be 150-175 lbs. I would like to get closer to 150 but I would take 175!!! I know I will never be as skinny as a Victoria's Secret model or a super model. I am fine with that. My goal is to get to the ideal weight for my height.

I guess I should post some pictures soon so I can have a before and after post when I hit my goal!


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Shannie said...

I gained back the 7 pounds I lost the beginning of the month. So, I know I need somoene to boost me along trying to lose weight. So I'm in.

I think I'm having sympathy pains, I've has miserable back pain all week, I was in tears yesterday at work - it has to be my weight