Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

I have never liked Valentine's Day. I think it is a mean holiday. When I was single I dreaded this day every year. I hated hearing what all my friends got from their boyfriends, where they went to dinner, and how romantic it was. My worst V-Day has to be 1998. My sister and I sat watching the Bee-Gee's Unplugged on A & E while eating Kentucky Fried Chicken. IT DOES NOT GET ANY WORSE THAN THAT!! Sure, I can laugh about it now but it truly was pathetic. Who knew that 9 years later I would have the best V-Day ever?

Today was a really fun Valentine's Day. I took Miss Agnes to a party at the YMCA. She decorated cookies and had fun playing with the rest of the kiddies. It was cute to see everyone covered in frosting! There is something so wrong about having a cookie decorating party right next to the cardio room!

We didn't exchange presents this year. However, I bought Sean the traditional box of chocolates made out of chocolate. I have gotten him one every year and wanted the tradition to continue. I also told him he had to take the whole thing with him to work tomorrow. No more sweets in this house until Agnes' birthday in April.

Our big thing tonight was our dinner. I made grilled beef tenderloin steaks w/hollandaise, pan seared scallops, and homemade French fries tossed with truffle oil. OMG! It was freaking fantastic. There was so much groaning it was like a food orgasm! It was one of those meals that won't soon be forgotten. Even Agnes was moaning. She really liked the truffle oil and tenderloin. The kid will eat anything.

Dinner was horribly fattening but it was well worth the extra calories. All it mean is no skipping the gym at all for the next couple weeks. In my opinion it you don't splurge a little bit you will have a complete break down of a diet.


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