Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Scratch Happy Toddlers

It has been a few days since I last posted. It has been a crazy week. The good news the scale is slowly sliding downward. Woo-hoo!! The bad news I am not sure about the child watch at my gym anymore. I know this is a diet blog but I am a mommy first and foremost.

Yesterday I took Aggie to the gym and left her in child watch. About 15 minutes later a mom comes up to me and says “I am really sorry buy my little girl scratch your little girls face. It is just a little scratch by her eye”. I get off the machine I am on and go back to child watch. I see Aggie and my stomach sank. She had bloody scratches all over her face. Her face is a scratched up disaster. It is horrible and bloody. At this point I am still okay with that it happened. Kids will be kids. I guess the other child wanted the toy Aggie was playing with. The other mom and her kid leaves after loads of “I’m so sorry”s. As soon as the door closes one of the child watch women tell me Aggie is the third child that has been attacked by her! I was pissed! I headed toward to the lobby to speak with the manager. When I got to the lobby the mom was sitting there so I told I was going to ask Tom to remove her child from child watch because she had done this twice before. She looked at me with a strange look on her face and said “this is the first time she had ever been in here”. Huh. I get Tom (the GM) and we all go back to child watch. When Tom asks what they told me the child watch women both say “WE NEVER SAID THAT!” What the fuck?!?! By this time I am fuming mad. They are pretty much saying I lied and made it up. Then the other mom tells Tom that I verbally attacked her by saying I didn’t want her child in child watch anymore. I tried to explain again that I was told her child had attack 2 other kids. I thought by telling her I was going to talk to Tom was the adult thing to do. By this time I grabbed Agnes, signed her out, and went to the front desk to cancel my membership. Now, this isn’t a daily childcare this is child watch for when you are working out. You don’t pay for it. It is a free service so it isn’t like I want this kid to get kicked out of childcare. Tom came up to the desk while I was filling out the paperwork and told me he was going to think about what his decision was going to be. By this time Sean had gotten there and took over for me. He went and talked with Neil who is the head honcho at our YMCA. Neil was extremely upset about how this was handled. He said he would look into it.

Now here is where I need help. Do I leave Agnes in child watch again? I am not worried about the little girl who scratched her but the incompetence of the workers. I still can’t get over that they lied to me and refused to own up to what they told me. I tried to contact the little girls mom but haven't heard back from her. Do I contact her again or do I leave it?

This is enough to make a mama eat loads of cookies and gummi bears!!


Anonymous said...

well, maybe my opinion doesn't count because I don't have children, however, it has been my experience that the childcare in most of the Y's I know (with friends who are parents) seem to be sufficient enough for them to leave their little ones while they work out...
It's either that or pay for a babysitter...maybe you should just give it another chance?
My two cents...

Anonymous said...

If you can afford it hire a babysitter.