Saturday, February 10, 2007

Trying to take it easy.

I just had back surgery on Thursday. I know I should be taking it easy but it is hard. I am so used to working out everyday that when I can't go I actually crave it. I hate sitting here doing nothing!! I have been eating like crap the past few days too. Fast food, cookies, coconut haystacks. I blame it on the pain medication...sounds like a good excuse, eh?

I made Sean take me to the store so I could get stuff for lunch and dinner. I made a point of purposely going up and down almost every aisle. It felt great to be walking around instead of sitting.

Because cooking is such a large part of my life I decided to make a real dinner tonight. Even though I had back surgery I need to start (slowly) doing everyday things.

Here is what on todays menu:

Lunch - Turkey sammie with blueberry preserves and leftover D'Affinois cheese. Yes, D'Affinois triple cream cheese is horribly bad for me but I couldn't let it go to waste! See, this is what I am talking about. I can't say no to good food. GAH!

Dinner - Roast chicken and carrots with Manchengo mashed potatoes. Sure, Manchengo mashers seem really fattening but they aren't too bad. Potatoes, Manchengo cheese, roasted garlic and olive oil. No butter.

Does anyone know if Diet Cokes count towards daily water intake?

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