Tuesday, May 27, 2008

“Pain is weakness leaving the body” ~ Tom Sobal

I want the weakness gone!! I am so sick of being in chronic pain. I just need to get to Friday. Friday is the big day. I get to have back surgery. YAY. I won't be able to do yoga or anything else for about 4 weeks. I start physical therapy on the 3rd. I guess the sooner you do it the better it works.

It is crazy how pain can affect every part of your life. Physically and emotionally I am a mess. I have been the biggest bitch the past week because of the pain. I just want it gone. As of today I can't even think back to a time I haven't been in pain. Isn't that just sad?

Okay, enough of the pity party. Just a few more days and I will be back to my happy go lucky self!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Dreams come true, In blue Hawaii " ~ Elvis Presley

Since it is 90 degrees here in the 'Couve I thought I would post one of my favorite summer recipes.

These are fantastic!

Hawaiian Pineapple Martinis
1-1/2 (750 mL) bottles Vodka (or 4-1/2 cups)
1/2 (750 mL) bottle Malibu Rum (1-1/2 cups)
1/4 bottle Vanilla Vodka (3/4 cup)
1 cup pineapple juice
1 pineapple cut into 1/2-inch thick wedges
1/4 cup sugar
If you have a big ice tea jar double the recipe. You can never have too much!

Layer the pineapple wedges into the jar. Pour in the remaining ingredients and allow the pineapples to marinate. The longer it sits the better it tastes. The last batch I made I let sit for 3 weeks before we had any and it was like juice!!

When I serve them I pour the booze into a glass and top with a little more pineapple juice. If you want to be fancy put a couple drops of blue food coloring. FAB!!

For an outstanding sangria recipe visit my best friend Jody's blog.

Two perfect cocktails for warm summer afternoons and evenings!

Friday, May 16, 2008

"Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself" ~ Alan Alda

Wow. This is a huge post all about me! Well, I guess there are a few other people mentioned. LOL

We are finally starting to get things settled in the new house. My mom left on Tuesday after being here for three weeks. It was a lot of fun having her here but I am so glad she is gone. LOL I know that sounds horrible but we can finally just lounge and work around our house without having to entertain anyone.

We are still unpacking boxes but I am in no hurry to get everything unpacked. The kitchen is unpacked, Agnes’ room is unpacked, and the living room. I have a feeling we are going to be living her for a very long time so if things are still in boxes that is okay with me. ☺

Everyone on our street is so nice. We have been invited to the Memorial Day block party. We are becoming good friends with the people who live behind us. They have a little 3 year old girl too! She and Agnes have been playing together almost everyday. It is so awesome. It makes me so happy to know that Agnes will have friends to play with everyday.

I finally finished planting all the flowers in our front yard. I planted 240 petunias, 10 alyssum, 4 giant geraniums, and 4 massive hanging planters. It is going to look awesome when everything starts growing in. I will get some pics of the front yard later today. It is 92° so I am done being outside. I am not used to this hot, sticky weather. It is going to take some getting used to.

This is our backyard. I am going to be working on it this weekend. It needs a lot of trimming, weeds pulled, and some love. When it is done it is going to be the coolest backyard ever. I even have my own Virgin Mary statue. You have no idea how happy that makes me.

title or description
Bleeding Hearts
title or description
My own personal Virgin!
title or description
Our secret garden

Let’s see what else has been going on the past three weeks. I think I showed my mom everything you need to see in the Portland metro area. We did the Chinese Gardens, Powell’s Books, and The Saturday Market (I love the Saturday Market. It is where I buy my soap. If you get a chance go to Dirtyfacesoap.com. She makes the most amazing soap. I will never use anything else on Agnes’ skin again or mine). I took her for walks along the Willamette and the Columbia Rivers, took her to Ikea, Pastaworks, Washington Park playground title or description
loads of yummy dinners, and we had some really nice days hanging out at the house chatting and cooking with Agnes. I know we did more but I took a couple Vicodin about an hour ago and I am not concentrating so well. ☺

This is a picture of us at the Vancouver Farmer’s Market. Not the greatest market (I will keep going to the PSU one) but we had fun.
title or description

We celebrated Mother’s Day with my mom last weekend. We went to The Restaurant at the Historic Reserve. It was fantastic. Here are a couple pictures:

title or description
The Fam.

title or description
I adore this picture. I had to lean down because I was wearing 4-inch heels. LOL

My mom watched Agnes a couple of nights so Sean and I could go out for dinner. The first night we went out to a kind of fancy place. The second we hit up the Salmon Creek Brew Pub. It was a nice pub the beer is okay. No pilsner so I actually had a couple IPA’s. If you know me you know I am not an IPA fan. Too hoppy! But it wasn’t so bad. Sean and I were having such a blast being out by ourselves that we didn’t want to go straight home. So what do you do when you have a babysitter for the first time in months? PUT-PUT GOLF! We had such a blast!!! I even beat Sean!! LOL It was one of the most fun dates we have had in a really long time. I love being married to such a fun guy.
title or description
title or description
title or description

Agnes took this picture of us a couple mornings ago. I love this picture so much!

title or description

Tomorrow we are heading over the river to the PSU Farmer’s Market to shop for fresh produce. I haven’t been to the market for a few weeks. I miss having fresh veggies and fruit in the house. Sunday I am going to yoga. I haven’t been in over a week and I am feeling it. I have been way too busy with my mom and the house to get to the studio.

The big news is on May 30th I am having back surgery again. I am really scared about it. I am not sure why I am so nervous this time but I am. I guess it is because I am so far from my family and my mom can’t come over to take care of me. I really need to go to yoga as much as possible the next 10 days so I can get loose and limber before the surgery. My back has been feeling like it is getting worse.

Perhaps planting all those flowers wasn’t such a great idea. At least I have some good drugs to get me until the 30th. LOL

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Love at first sight is easy to understand; it's when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle. ~ Amy Bloom

This blog is to record and share my struggles with trying to get to my goal weight. But sometimes I need a place to vent, be happy, share news, and talk about other things in my life.

Today is one of those days. I have friends who are separated and headed towards divorce. This is the third couple in two years that have split up. One split up because they fell out of love, another because one person was so selfish they couldn’t care for the other when they truly needed it, and the other due to infidelity.

I am not up on a soapbox about divorce. Not at all. I have been divorced. I was married at age 20 and divorced before I was 22. It was a stupid and rebellious act my family never happened. Sean was married and divorced too. So, I have no room to talk about if divorce is wrong or right.

I have a tendency to believe everyone besides Sean and I have a perfect marriage. That we are the only ones who fight, disagree, and get mad. I truly believed these three couples had perfect marriages. It always seemed like everything came so easy for them. Money, big houses, fancy cars, loads of vacations, etc. They all have children and the moms had the perfect births that I thought I deserved. Jealously is a horrible emotion.

One couple is extremely religious. We had been friends with the husband for years before he got married. When I first met his girlfriend soon-to-be wife, I didn’t like her very much. Even after they wed I didn’t like her very much. She was never very nice to me. She had a tendency to talk down to me. I don’t know if it is because we worked in different fields or if it was because I don’t practice the same faith as she does. She always gave the appearance of perfection. I admit I have shed a few tears comparing myself to her even though I thought she was mean. When I found about everything this morning I felt a small amount of joy. Schadenfreude at its finest. Don’t get me wrong I feel absolutely horrible for her husband and their children. But the fact she is the one who cheated only proves she is the bitch I always said she was. Oh, and she is pregnant again. There is some question as to who is the father. What the hell? This whole situation surprises me so much.

How do you recover from something like this? I don’t understand why people cheat. I have been cheated on and it is the most hurtful thing you can do to a person you say you love. Even though it happened almost 18 years ago when I think about my ex-husband cheating on me it still makes me sick to my stomach. I can’t even imagine how much worse it is when you have children.

I may not have the perfect marriage. We fight, disagree, and get mad. But maybe that is why we are so happy. At least when we fight, disagree, and get mad we are telling the truth about our feelings. Plus, we make each laugh more than any other couple I have ever met. We may not be perfect but we sure as hell are HAPPY!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

The past week has been rough on the old diet and exercise routines. I haven’t been able to go to the yoga studio since we moved. It sucks. I have been getting a lot of exercise but I feel like crap. Our new house has individual thermostats for each room so I can heat up our bedroom to about 90 degrees. I turned the heat up in our bedroom and did an at home Bikram class. It went really well. I worked just as hard as I do at the studio. As much as I love having my mom here it is really screwing with my routine. I miss my yoga classes so much. I can’t wait until next Friday! I can drop Miss Agnes off at school and head down to the studio.

It was a busy weekend. Saturday we hit up the farmers market in Vancouver. It was such a great time. I can’t wait to shop there the weekends this summer. So much produce.

Yesterday, my mom, Agnes, and I went to the Portland Classical Chinese Gardens. It was absolutely beautiful. The flowers, trees, water building, and pathways are amazing. We stopped in the tradition tea house for some tea and snacks. Agnes was so cute. She shared tea with her grandma and ate some handmade almond cookies. Mmm… I have a bunch of pictures from yesterday that I will post later. I am too tired to mess with iPhoto.

Agnes starts her new school tomorrow. I hope she likes it as much as she did her old school. After I drop her off I have to head over to my doctor appointment. I am having back surgery in the next few weeks and I need to get everything all set up. I am hoping that this will be the last time I need the surgery. Between the surgery and the Bikram my back should be as good as new by the end of the fall. My mom and I are going to IKEA tomorrow too. I need to get a bunch of stuff for the new house.

Later this week I am taking my mom to the Japanese Gardens. I want her to see as much of Portland/Vancouver as possible.

For Mother’s Day we are taking my mom to The Restaurant at the Historic Reserve for brunch. Sean and I went for dinner here the other night and it was fantastic. I think my mom will totally dig it.