Saturday, March 24, 2007

Do the shuffle!

This has been a great work-out week. I have started back on weights full-time and feel like a million bucks. There is something about weights that give me confidence. Maybe it is because I don't feel so flabby.

I love going to gym. It is a nice break from Miss Agnes for a couple of hours a day and it makes me feel better about myself. But, I was having a hard time concentrating on wh I was doing because of my music source.

I had been using my old iPod. And, I mean old. It was one the first iPods ever released. I swear the thing weighs 5 pounds. Hahahaha I had complained about it a little, okay a lot, to Sean. He decided to help with my efforts and got me an iPod shuffle. It is the cutest little thing. I love it. It clips right on to my shirt and is so light I don't even know I have it on.

But the best part of this week came in the mail today. The t-shirt I ordered from Black Phoenix Trading Post ()arrived. I had never bought a shirt from them before but this months is super cute, pink, and has a girl skull on it. I purposely bought it a size too small so I could use as inspiration. Guess what?!?!? It fits!! I couldn't believe it. Even though I can't see the changes in my body there are obviously some changes going on. I can't wait to wear my shirt tomorrow. I am so proud and excited!!

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