Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Walking on sunshine

Why is it the healthier I eat the worse my stomach feels? Ever since I had the evil of all evil stomach viruses I have been very careful about what I eat. You would think my tummy would feel better. It has been over a week since I barfed off 10 pounds!!

Since I have started this blog I am down almost twenty pounds! That is 35 total. All of my pants are too big. It is a wonderful feeling.

I missed last week at the gym but I have been kicking butt with the exercise this week. Instead of going today we took Agnes to the park. It was 74 degrees here today. It was absolutely fantastic. It was her first real picnic. Good food, good laughs, and loads of running around. It felt awesome to be in the sunshine. Sean and I both felt like little kids today. Watching Sean take Agnes down the big slide was brilliant. Another dad took our family picture. It is the first full body picture of myself I haven’t edited in a really long time. I look skinny! Not as skinny as super model but skinnier than I was this time last year!

Here are a few pictures from today.


An absolutely perfect day.



Me and the mean goose. ☺


Madame M. said...

If you're eating more fiber, that could explain why your stomach feels "worse"... but it could still be the tail end of whatever you had. Good luck!

My MoMtra said...
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My MoMtra said...

Ugh, so sorry you feel the funk. We too had a taste of the 74 degree weather. Unfortunately we are back to 31. The Sun does help. Keep on Keeping on!

AND thanks for the add to your blogroll.

Jody said...

Keep up the great work!!! Your photos are FABU!!!

Gunfighter said...

I'm walkin' on sunshine! Woah oh!

I'm Walkin' on sunshine whoah oh oh!

I'm walkin' on sunshine! Whoah oh oh! and don't it feel good!

Sorry. Couldn't helpl it. I love that song. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi... it's my first visit.

Oh, and congrats on the weight loss, that's awesome!