Thursday, April 24, 2008

Serenity Now!! ~ Frank Costanza

Yesterday in class I did the floor bow all by myself. ALL BY MYSELF!! It felt so great to be able to do it and not have the instructor push my foot into my hand. Of course, my knees were screaming but they were screaming in a good way. I can't believe I can lay on my stomach, reach back, and grab my feet. Not too bad for a fat girl. LOL

I have been going 4-5 times a week and it is really starting to pay off. I have lost almost 2 inches around my chest, waist, and hips!! It feels great.

We move to the new house next Tuesday the 29th. We are so far from being done with the packing. It seems like it will never get done. After packing up our entire house in December I am hating packing even more now. But it will all be worth it when we get into our new giant house. It is so big. It will be nice to have some space.

My mom has been here since Tuesday and she isn't leaving until May 13th. I have a feeling I will be going to yoga a lot more. Serenity NOW!

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