Wednesday, April 2, 2008

“I was an anti-advertisement for yoga" ~ S. Iyengar

This is my challenge for the month of April or until my mom gets here on the 22nd. But she already knows I have to keep going to the yoga classes. I miss my mom horribly but she is going to be here for three weeks so I am definitely going to need a break! 

1. Exercise every day. 
a. Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Bikram yoga. 
b. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday carido and weights at the YMCA. 

2. Eat mindfully. 

3. Drink 1 cup of Superfood everyday. 

4. Eat fruit everyday. 

5. Eat breakfast everyday. 

6. Continue to drink 1 gallon of water everday. 

7. Continue to work on portion control. 

8. Quit snacking! Ugh, this is where I fail the most. They maybe veggie chips but it's not like they are good for you! When I get bored I snack. It's bad. 

Wow. That is a lot but I can do it.  I have to do it. 

I went to yoga Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday. I feel amazing. I think the mix of yoga, cardio, and weights is really going to help me bust past this plateau. 

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