Sunday, April 22, 2007

Falling Off The Wagon-The worst part is, you swear you won't. You swear you won't, and then you do, and then the evening is lost. ~Ben No

What is it about stress that makes a person eat? The stress level here at Casa Dargen is through the roof. Sean is flying out of town for an interview on Tuesday. If he accepts the job we will be moving to Arkansas. Talk about stress!

Today, my mom and I went out for shopping and lunch. We had gyros and falafels for lunch. Then tonight for dinner I made my version of Maggiano’s House salad, bowtie pasta, and chicken parmigiana. It was fattening and absolutely delicious. But did I stop there? No. After dinner I hate 4 huge pieces of English toffee.

Seriously, what is wrong with me? We have been eating so crappy the past week and half. I have had no motivation to cook dinners each night, which means take out. I feel like I am getting fatter not skinnier. My trainer is going to kill me when I tell her of my recent eating habits. It is like I have fallen part way off the wagon and am holding on with one hand.

How do I pull myself up? I want to be the one driving the wagon not just hanging on. I think once Sean finds a new job everything will get back to normal. I wish I were the type of person that doesn’t eat when they are stressed or depressed. Hmmm, I wonder if I can change my way of thinking…


jody said...

Positive self talk is the BEST way to pull yourself up!!!
You can do know you can!

Mo said...

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