Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's!

Agnes wanted to fool her daddy today so we made meaty cupcakes. We had so much fun piping the mashed potatoes on like icing. Little did Sean know that when he bit into them they were meat-loaf iced with mashed potatoes! Agnes could barely stop laughing to ask him "How are your cupcakes? They aren't cupcakes! They're meat!!" She is just so awesome!


Dale said...


Chantelle said...

That's so cheeky, and a little bit delicious too. :)

Elra said...

Michelle, this is beautiful (I am sure it delicious too), and what a clever idea for April Fool's.

spitandvinegar said...

That is stinking hilarious! I wish I hadn't just told my husband how funny I thought that was so I could have pranked him tomorrow... Cute!!