Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our Tradition

Ever since Agnes' first Christmas in 2005 I have taken her to see Santa. I like to take her by myself. Just my daughter and me. I always take her as soon as Santa is at the mall. Neither of us like standing in line and it gives her more time to chat with him.

Since she is in pre-preschool everyday I miss hanging out with her so she took today off to see Santa. She was so excited to talk with him. Last night she was practicing what she would say to him. She didn't want to forget what she wanted him to bring her.

When we got to the mall she was practically running to Santa Land. We were the only ones their so the staff really took their time and let her hang-out for a bit. She sat and chatted with Santa for about 15 minutes. She had to explain every single thing (drum kit, dinosaurs, volcano, gummi bears, care bears, rocketships, big girl bed, piano, princess presents, it was a never ending list!) she wants from him. By the time we left Santa was trying his hardest not to start laughing at loud. All the elves were losing it. She is definitely a girl who knows what she wants! Afterward we went to the Nordstrom cafe for coffee (hot chocolate for Miss Thing) and cookies.

Each year our Santa day gets better. I am already looking forward to Santa day next year!


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Elra said...

She looks gorgeous and adorable, and oh that pretty long lists she has. I think Santa will be happy to send them all.
You know when my was turning 13, one of his christmas list, he wrote "may I permission to date a girl" we thought that was so cute... we still keep his list! He is 18 now, so we don't get his list anymore, hmmm sad...

Tamara said...

What a great picture. Her list is so cute!