Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Kitchen, My World - Jamaica

This week Laura of One Happy Hubbard picked the lovely country of Jamaica for our My Kitchen, My World weekly menu. I was so excited about cooking a Jamaican menu this week but things just didn't go as planned. Things have been crazy here at Casa Dargen so I had to improvise for a Jamaican dinner tonight.

I made a very simple Jerk Chicken salad. We hit up our local farm to pick up the lettuce, red onion, and mango. I sprinkled the chicken breast with a bit of veggie oil and then rubbed them down with jerk seasonings. After grilling the chicken breasts I chopped them up and tossed them with fresh lettuce, mangos, and some diced red onion. I gave the salad a little squirt of lime juice and served it with a balsamic vinaigrette.

What a simple, delicious, and refreshing meal for a warm summer night. Mmm...


Natashya said...

An excellent Jamaican chicken salad. I would put the leftovers on a crusty roll for lunch.
ps, I was reading that you read Joseph Campbell. I am a fan as well and have many of his books and videos.
I guess with the cooking and writing I am just following my bliss!

Carol said...


That looks great and easy. Definitely one to add to my list. Also something I can cook for one which is a challenge for many recipes for us single folk!

Michelle Dargen said...

Natashya, I love Joseph Campbell. He was an amazing man. Following our bliss is so important. I believe the more we follow our bliss the more bliss the people around us will have as well.

Carol, I always make extra grilled chicken because I eat more chicken salads than anyone I know. LOL I think there is a Penzey's spice store in LA. We have on here in Portland and I love it! That is where I bought my jerk seasoning. Super easy!

jodycakes said...

Awesome the use of sweet fruit and spicy chicken. Yummy

Elra said...

The dish look delice indeed. I also have a bottle of Jamaican jerk that I got from the World Market store. It become handy when I feel lazy to do too much work in the kitchen.