Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Kitchen, My World - England

I had a really nice entry I wanted to type up for this week but I broke my freaking arm!! I was vacuuming our stairs today and managed to fall down them backwards bringing the vacuum with me. OMG. I am in so much pain. This royally sucks! I have a bunch of baking to get done tomorrow for our Labor Day party. Sean has said he will be my baking assistant tomorrow. I am SO lucky to have him!

This week Megan of My Baking Adventures picked England for our country. I knew immediately what I wanted to make. Curry! I love pub curry. The couple of times I have been to England and when I went to Ireland I lived on pub curry. Served with rice or chips I didn't care as long as I had a good pint to go with it.

We hit our local farm to pick up the veggies. We bought broccoli, fresh picked baby carrots, onion, and some goegeous purple cauliflower. Agnes fell in love with the cauliflower. Since she can eat a little bit of spicy I steamed some cauliflower separately for her. She ate almost a cup of it!! I think we have a new favorite veggie at Casa Dargen.

This most likely not the correct way to make pub curry but this is how I do it. :)

First - poach the chicken. When it is cooked I chop it up.

Second - throw all the chopped up veggies into water and boil until just tender.

Third - drop in the curry mix.I used my favorite curry mix by S & B. This stuff is the bomb. But as you can tell I don't follow the instructions at all.

Let the curry melt into the water. When it is all mixed in add the chicken. Let it simmer for about an hour. The longer it cooks the better the flavor. This stuff is SO good the next day.

Serve in a bowl with rice or chips.

I went with chips this time and a Bridgeport Ropewalk amber beer.

I was just like being at the pub except no ciggie smoke and no room at the bar!!

***With the broken arm and the pain killers I am not responsible for any grammatical errors.


Dale said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your arm!

Elra said...

I hope your arm will recover soon. I'm impress that you manage to participate for this week event.

I am sure the curry taste really good. I never eat curry with chip though!

Natashya said...

Oh no! How terrible that you broke a wing! I hope you mend soon.
Good man for helping you with your commitments in the meantime.
I have never heard of curry mix, or of serving it with chips (what a good idea). But I do love curry, we eat it a lot here as it is my daughter's fave.
I like the beer in the pub fare shot!
Get better soon,

Judy said...

Curry was a good choice. I've had some excellent curry in England. Hope your arm heals quickly.

Carol--Live Well Stress Less! said...

I love curry! Some of the best I ever had was in an Indian Restaurant in London! I never had curry in the pubs when I was there. I would have if I knew it existed. Sigh! Next time!

So sorry about your arm! I guess I was really lucky the other day when I fell. I just have very pretty bruises--almost the color of the cauliflower!

Take care--hope the pain is better by now.


Michelle Dargen said...

Thanks Dale!

Elra, chips and curry is so good! Not good for you but so good. LOL Thanks for the good arm wishes! :)

Natashya, I have been using the S &B curry stuff forever. It is kind of weird. It comes in blocks that melt. You can find it at grocery stores and Asian markets. You should try it!

Judy, thanks for the good arm wishes!

Carol, we make one heck of a team. LOL Perhaps we should be wrapped in bubble wrap!!

Susie Homemaker said...

May I refer my Hub to your post when he wants to know why I don't want to vacuum?
That being said - congrats on getting anything made at all - much less something that is a reminder of some nice vacations!